Things My Mother Taught Me

Sharing everything my mom taught me would take several volumes of books, but I wanted to share a few points I use on the daily:

  • We have the strength to get through.
  • Whatever you’re feeling right now, it’s okay to feel that way.
  • Communing with nature is important.
  • How to do my own laundry.
  • My body is my own to control.
  • I will always be loved. I will never forget when she said to me, “I will love you no matter what – you can come home pregnant, gay, with AIDs, it doesn’t matter. You can always come back home.” This was very important for me to hear. It took away a lot of my fear of failure – of which I had a good amount, and still do – and helped me to take risks later on.

Please share the wisdom your mothers passed onto you.


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