How To Make Social Media A Positive Experience.

Social media is a part of our daily lives and science has shown that it can affect your mood. In my experience, my mood has been negatively affected by social media, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just as negativity can travel through WiFi, so can happiness.

Here are a few ways to change your own experience:

  1. Post positive things. I’m not saying you should fake happiness on social media – but sharing positive experiences and thoughts can solidify them in your mind.
  2. Like stuff! Use the like button often and use it for positive, not negative, things. Liking negative propaganda is not necessarily a positive thing even if you agree with what is being said.
  3. Say goodbye to the negative people on your feed. I’m not saying ditch every friend that posts a downer now and then or even a friend that disagrees with you – but if your blood pressure is skyrocketing when you see a post from them, it might be time to rethink how much you want them in your life (or on your friends list, at least). If you want to avoid the de-friending drama, Facebook has an option to hide these people from your news feed. I use this method often.
  4. Don’t make Facebook your source for news. Everyone has an agenda – it may be one you share or don’t. Either way, information on social media is even more biased than the media and that’s saying something.
  5. Don’t be a know it all. This one I have trouble with on the daily. We all, at times, think we are the person who knows best about something – but unless your advice or opinion is asked, don’t chip in until you can think of something positive to say.
  6. Be selective. Every friend request does not need to be approved. Consider carefully who you want to be seeing on your feed. After all, when you friend someone, you are inviting them into your daily life. You invite them on to your computer screen and the screen of your iPhone. If you think someone is not going to have a positive impact, don’t add.
  7. Promote your business on a separate page. Don’t bombard friends and family with it constantly. Invite them to like your business’ page; that way people who are truly interested will see what you post.
  8. Try to have fun :) Social media was made to connect us with our friends and family, not divide us. So, make your social media experience a pleasant one, on both sides.

2 responses to How To Make Social Media A Positive Experience.

  1. yes it is possible to use social media in a positive way – everyone needs to find his way on his own. i think it’s necessary to integrate the right channel in your personality – the way that it improves one’s happiness and well-being. otherwise it’s better to avoid social media.

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