Why Being Zero Waste Will Make You Happy.

1. Expenses. You won’t need trash pick up. I’m saving $10 a month. You no longer have to buy: paper towels, napkins, paper plates, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, cotton balls, q-tips, etc. because you already have a reusable alternative.

2. Less Chores. You don’t have to take out the trash.

3. Environmental Impact. You are no longer contributing to the landfill. That’s definitely something to feel good about.

4. Less Shopping. Referring back to number one, all of these things you no longer have to buy are saving you time while you do shop. You won’t be wondering down random aisles trying to find Q-tips anymore.

5. Elitism. Come on, no one is immune to a little vanity and pride. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of yourself for accomplishing something so drastic as completely changing your life style. If you’re proud of your accomplishment and happy, people will see this and want to try it themselves. Spread the good word and inspire others to create less waste and help the Earth.


One response to Why Being Zero Waste Will Make You Happy.

  1. In addition….. 6. Items look so much more chic ‘au naturel’ instead of being covered with nasty cheap plastic.
    7.Real food does not come in a box or plastic bag, therefore is usually tastier and more enjoyable.
    8. Reusable items are much better quality ( such as washable sanitary pads, cotton rounds etc)


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