Late Night Internet Junkies, Trouble Falling Asleep?

If you’re like me and you like to wind down at the end of the day with some late-night internet browsing and tumbling but have trouble falling asleep afterwards, you might want to download this program called f.lux.

F.lux adapts the light of your computer screen to the time of day it is to keep your body’s circadian rhythm correct. I am using it and the program is flawless. It finds your location and gives you a 24-hour preview of what your screen will look like throughout the day. It automatically changes the screen in a way that is completely unnoticeable to the user. It hides discreetly in the area icons.

So why is the computer screen keeping us awake? The circadian rhythm is our internal clock; it helps us wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night. This clock works by gathering information through our eyes – how light or dark it is in our environment. Unfortunately, unnatural light is interpreted incorrectly. Blue light is associated with the dawn and orange light with dusk. So when you’re sitting at the computer, your brain is interpreting all that blue light being emitted from the screen as time to stay awake. That’s how f.lux fixes this – by reducing the blue light in your screen and increasing the orange light to tell your brain to go the fuck to sleep.

Another good feature of this program is the ability to switch it off easily – good for graphic designers who are working with colors.

Sleep is important to your health. Be good to your body and download this awesome program.


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