My Current Favorite Apps for iPhone.

I try to be minimalistic with my iPhone usage and its applications but the iPhone can replace a lot of junk in your life, such as:

GPS, step counter, calculator, calendar, to-do list, compass, etc., comprising it all into one neat, beautiful little package. The downside is that if you lose your phone, you could be screwed out of all the things you used it to replace. In fact, my boyfriend used his iPhone to make sure our chicken coop was properly level yesterday. Thus, here are a few of my favorite apps that make my day-to-day life a little easier:

  • Runkeeper. I track all my runs with Runkeeper. It will even post your runs to Facebook, which I love to do to annoy the people who hate people who post that they’re running or at the gym. You can even add a photo to your run. Other goodies: get a pre-made or custom training plan, get woken up by runkeeper telling you to go run, analyze your runs with time, distance, speed, etc., map your run, add friends who use runkeeper, and even tag a friend who ran with you and forgot to bring their iPhone. Seriously, I love this app. There’s a lot of other amazing stuff it does that I don’t use. It’s not just for runners either! You can track cycling, swimming, and other exercises with it too.
  • Period Diary. Period Diary is a “unique, fully animated and the most complete period and ovulation tracker.” Ever since I went off birth control, I really like to know when I’m ovulating. That’s important because I don’t want to be pregnant. It also let’s me know roughly the time I’m supposed to start bleeding, having horrible cramps, and insane mood swings. I’ve used several different apps that do this and this one is my current favorite.
  • Workflowy. Although the iPhone already sports a decent note-taking app and reminder app, I prefer using workflowy – also I can access my account from the browser on my laptop for larger projects. Workflowy describes itself as ‘a zoomable document that provides unprecedented flexibility in organizing your ideas.’ Beautiful. Plus, at the end of your list, it says ‘make lists, not war.’ and I totally agree.

There you are, my current favorite apps. More to come as I discover them.


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